Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's a new year

Rather than us sending you info, you can drop by to see what is going on in our lives. Sure, this may be the only blog we do and then forget about it, but hey, let's see how this goes.
Kerri has been riding her horse BlackJack quite a bit lately, getting ready for her horse show season.

I have have been wakeboarding here and there just getting back into the fun of riding, which is nice.
Yesterday, I decided not to use my brain while cleaning up the lakefront. I decided I wanted to burn the vines off the palm trees that are on the property line where we have a vacant lot next to us. It is totally overgrown with brush and quite of bit of stuff that is ready to ignite. Fire got out of control quickly, but I was able to put it out with a hose and a lot of prayer.

Hayden is growing so quickly. You hear every parent say that it goes so fast, but you just don't know until you are in the middle of it. Either way, it is the best thing in the world to see your child lock eyes with you and smile.

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  1. OHHHHHHH, very nice and darling pictures.
    Love that you are sharing them. Hope to see y'all soon. Linda and Ken